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Elegant solar candle. Perfect combination of nature and tecnology.
25,00 €
Artikelnummer:: VSS1

Candle of the future, which combines top design and perfection. They have a large surface with solar cells that convert solar energy into electricity, which then powers the rechargeable batteries. Solar energy ensures the candle burns the longest – even up to years.

Solar candle is modern, elegant and environment friendly. It is made from glass and PET plastic, which doesn't contain harmful chlorine. When used properly, it burns up to 1000 days.

Put the candle on a sunny location so that the large solar surface is exposed to the sunlight at least 4 hours a day. In this way the rechargeable battery is sufficiently charged and enables the candle to burn during the night as well as on cloudy days. If necessary, clean the solar surface. Glass makes the candle heavier and therefore more immune to strong weather conditions.

Colour: red
Material: glass, immune to water, moisture and wind; cover made from stainless steel
Flame: red flickering
Power supply: solar cells, rechargable batteries NIMH 2,4 V / 550 mAH
Measurements (W x D x H): 105 x 105 x 125 mm
Duration of burning: when properly used up to 1000 days

Activation of solar candle:

  1. Lossen the cover.
  2. Pull out the straw and remove it.
  3. Vestina is activated.
  4. Put the cover back and tighten.