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Purchase procedure

Purchase procedure

Online store www.lumada.net

Online store www.lumada.net offers you a simple and safe purchase experience. You can make purchase 24/7.

1. Register yourself and create user name or make a purchase as a guest. Those with already opened account register simple sign in with user name and password.

2. Pick items and add them to the Cart (click on the button »Add to Cart«).

3. In the Cart, you can change the number of items and delete them if you don't want them anymore.

4. With the click on the button »Buy now« you can see the final amount and possibility to choose delivery and payment option. If you are a guest then please fill in the data for delivery (name, surname, address,…). Here you also enter possible discount code or gift card code.

5. After you agree with »Terms of Use« use the »Buy« button to go to the page for paying with Pay Pal or credit card and just follow the instructions. If you have chosen proforma invoice you will receive all data needed to execute the payment. By clicking the »Details« button you can see all the details of your purchase and can also print it.

6. You will receive an email with a confirmation of your purchase.

7. All changes of the purchase status will be sent by email.

If you have any problems with purchase (password loss, wrong items pick, etc), send us an email with a problem description and we will help you.

Ordering by e-mail

Ordering by e-mail is simple, it can be done 24/7. E-mail for ordering: shop@lumada.net.

1. Please indicate items you have chosen to buy (with candles be specific also on the colour of the flame, possible image, etc). It is much appreciated that you also specify the SKU code of wanted items, indicated by each item.
2. Payment in this ordering is by proforma invoice.
3. Specify your data: name, surname, address, and contact. If you are a company, add also tax number and the name of the company.
4. Send your final order to shop@lumada.net
5. We will try to answer in the shortest period as possible and inform you of the potential delivery date.