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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lumada d.o.o. company (hereinafter: Lumada) is the owner and manager of the online store www.lumada.net. According to Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and GDPR (EU) 2016/679, commits to carefully protect all personal data obtained through online store www.lumada.net and without customer's consent, they will not be forwarded to a third party or will not be used for other purposes as specified in this document. Lumada is committed to protecting the data and privacy of visitors to the company's websites in the best possible way.

In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of the data obtained, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to ensure their proper use, we use appropriate technical and organizational procedures to secure the data we collect. Lumada cannot exclude potential mistreat of the data, as the Internet, despite security measures and secure communication protocols, is an unpredictable medium.


Cookies on www.lumada.net are used according to Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1; (Uradni list RS, št. 109/12, 110/13, 40/14 – ZIN-B, 54/14 – odl. US, 81/15 in 40/17). Lumada is the manager of the cookies.

A cookie is a file that our site creates during your visit to www.lumada.net. Websites store cookies in user devices that access the Internet in order to identify the individual devices and settings that users have used in accessing. They allow us to recognize whether a user has visited us before, and in some cases we can customize the displayed content. At your first visit on www.lumada.net a cookie is stored on your computer, which you can remove yourself or prevent it from being saved with the appropriate settings. You can accept or decline cookies. Usually, the web browser accepts cookies automatically, but you can change your browser settings by refusing them if you want to. Cookies cannot damage your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Through these files, we cannot access your personal information or information on your computer, except those that are publicly available (browser type, operating system type, etc.). We use cookies to customize our offer to your liking and to analyze how our online offer is being used.

Cookies are fundamental to providing user-friendly web services and the most common e-features would not be possible without cookies. With their help, we can assess the effectiveness of our website structure. With the help of cookies, the interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier. With their help, the website remembers the individual's preferences and experiences, and browsing the web pages makes it more effective and enjoyable.

Cookies are used for:

• To store information about the status of each web site (details of the individual page adjustments),

• help with online services (eg. online store),

• help collect user statistics and site visits about the habits of a web user, etc.

Cookies, collected on www.lumada.net:

Own cookies





1 year 

It saves users preferences.

Google Analytics




2 years 

Google Analytics records a distinction between users and sessions.


1 day 

Google Analytics records a new session or new user.


1 minute

Google Analytics  limits the number of clicks through your advertising programs.


Period of session

Azure hosting allows statelesnes pages.


1 year

The website stores the information about the logged-in user.


Period of session

The website saves user authentication information.

Cookies of external sites




__atuvc, dt, uvc, uit, ssh, sshs, ssc, uid

Up to 2 years 

Monitoring the updated status of a website. A social plugin cookie.

For the recommended and allowed use of cookies on web pages, you can also read the guidelines of the information officer for the use of cookies found on this link.

Managing and deleting cookies

If you want to change the way you use cookies in your browser, including blocking or deleting, you can do this by changing your browser settings accordingly. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only a specific type of cookie, or warn you that the page wants to store a cookie. You can also easily delete the cookies your browser has stored. If you change or delete your browser's cookie file, change or reward your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again. The procedure for managing and deleting cookies varies from browser to browser. If you need help, you can look at the browser's help to users.

Personal data

Personal data is information that identifies you as an individual: your name, surname, email address or address and place of residence. Lumada also stores data on time and date of registration and basic information about access to web content, including the user's IP address and data sent to the server automatically by the web browser. Lumada does not collect your personal information except when you allow it and agree to it. Do this when you register at online store, subscribe to an e-newsletter, or fill out a contact form.

All personal data obtained by Lumada on the www.lumada.net is kept only in electronic form until the user's consent is canceled.

Lumada will use your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling your business relationships or your orders (sending ordered items, billing and invoices, delivery information, ...), to resolve any problems or irregularities in a payment transaction or failed transaction at or after the purchase or in case of possible error in the calculation of items, administration of a technical nature on the website. The goal is to provide you with access to your account, where you can track the history of your orders. It will also use the information for general communication with you and direct marketing.

We commit that personal data, obtained through the site www.lumada.net, will remain fully stored, protected and processed by Lumada. With all personal data acquired, the site manager will act in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and in accordance with European legislation GDPR (EU Directives 95/46 / EC, 2002/58 / EC and ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189). The state-of-the-art security measures we use to provide optimum protection against unauthorized access to information that has been provided to us or has been saved. We will not transfer the data we keep to third parties except to external contractors who may process data exclusively on behalf of the account, under the instructions and under the control of Lumada (eg. call centres, communication and advertising agencies, printing companies ...) and the national supervisory authority on the basis of their reasoned written request for the purpose of conducting a specific procedure. The website www.lumada.net is hosted on the server of Luminet d.o.o., which is also the operator of the CMS application and has access to the data collected through the website.

Regarding data security, the user/customer is also responsible for handling responsibly with the user name and password needed to access the online store, and appropriately providing for the antivirus software protection of his or her computer.

If you have questions about our privacy policy or how your personal information is handled, you can contact us anytime. Based on your request, we will inform you in writing and in accordance with relevant regulations, which personal data was collected during the visit to www.lumada.net.

Communication with users / data processing

The legal basis for the data processing during the purchase procedure is Article 6, Item 1, indent b) GDPR (fulfillment of the contract, pre-contractual measures and applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection) and Article 6, point 1, indent a) GDPR (consent), if required by applicable law.

With prior consent on www.lumada.net Lumada will process personal data for the following purposes:

  • To fully fulfill the contractual obligations in online store (from order to completion),
  • to send e-news related to trademarks owned by Lumada (Lumada, Flamemo, ..) - news, benefits, special discounts, articles ...,
  • to send answers to the inquiry via a contact form,
  • for occasional analysis of shopping habits and market survey in the form of a survey with the goal of optimizing the offer in the online store and providing content that is relevant for you,
  • for other forms of processing the data transmitted, in which the user of the website specifically agrees.

The data can be processed by Lumada for its own needs until the consent is revoked with the request for the removal of personal data from the database. At the time of data management, the user can view and update the data on the database on request. By using a website or online store, the user acknowledges that he is aware of this Privacy Policy and that the consent to the processing of his personal data for the purpose as set out in this statement is voluntary.

Changing the data or cancellation of consent

All users have the right at any time to request to inspect the information that Lumada keeps about you. In addition, you can change your data at any time, or you may request that it is deleted from an existing database or you can revoke your consent. You can do this in writing, by e-mail or at the address of Lumada. Contacts can be found on the website, under "Contact". Partial cancellation of consent is not possible. After the cancellation of the relevant agreement we will no longer provide related services and any related agreements will be considered as canceled with the moment of cancellation of the consent. The cancellation of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing of personal data on the basis of consent prior to its cancellation. If you have not given your consent or withdrawn your consent, your personal information will not be used in the manner described in the paragraphs above. Of course, you can still shop online. In this case, you will only receive information that is necessary for the execution of the purchase process (for example, sending an invoice, purchasing information, etc.). Cancellation of data is not possible in cases where the law so requires.

Web analytics

To get a better overview of the statistics of our website or online store, we use the Google Analytics tool. You can also opt out of Google Analytics on the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Data storage

Lumada will store the collected data as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose (purchase procedure) for which they were processed. After they are immediately erased. If there is an obligation of the company and / or a tax obligation to retain data, these are deleted after 5 years, unless otherwise provided by the regulations. Also, after this period, your communication data will be deleted. If we no longer need your data for the purposes described above, they are only kept in the appropriate retention period in accordance with company rules or tax laws and are no longer processed for other purposes.

Social Networks and automatic image uploading

We work with different social networks. When using this service, your browser will automatically be connected to the network and will forward your IP address and other data (such as cookies) if you have already visited the computer environment mentioned before We try to avoid this transfer of data as long as possible until there is actual interaction among the platforms. By clicking on the appropriate symbol (for example, the Facebook logo), you declare that you are ready to communicate with the selected platform (in this case, Facebook) and that you agree to transfer data about yourself to the respective social network.